Monday, November 30, 2009

A weekend of note..

So, the weekend turned out to be fab!!!

Ethics approved me ;-) I stayed awake for Twilight and I quite enjoyed it!

Saturday was awesome because plyaing good poker with good friens is always a winner... it helps when your husband wins the second prize!

I got burnt like a lobster yesterday watching cricket but I did'nt have to wash the communion glasses and we met a really great couple!

I am however, dismayed by one of my work colleagues moron suggestions to have a christmas party at Wild Waters in Boksburg! a. I am not driving to Boksburg b. I am not parading around in my bikini in front of work colleagues! Needless to say I declined their invitation! A nice glass of wine with a good meal sounds far more appelealing to me...


  1. Glad it was good. Did everything go ok with the ushering?

    And I too would decline a Wild Waters party. Ugh.

  2. Ushering went great! I was chuffed that communion was postponed to next week because Andrew though having a gift day and communion would be a bit crap difficult for us! So Bret and I have taken the communion stuff home for next week.

    My other colleague and are going for ,unch instead of this bikini parade where inevitably my bikini top would come off or something hideous like that!

    Wade and Kerry and lovely so Brett and I are having them over for dinner on Fri and would love you and TCS/ TSC (i.e your husband) to join us...

  3. I am sorry about the typos... oy.. I have just finished typing out my final proposal for submission so my brain is a bit fried!!!

  4. Hiya again. I'll chat to TSC (my husband) and let you know ;-)

    There's an award for you on my blog.