Monday, November 30, 2009

A weekend of note..

So, the weekend turned out to be fab!!!

Ethics approved me ;-) I stayed awake for Twilight and I quite enjoyed it!

Saturday was awesome because plyaing good poker with good friens is always a winner... it helps when your husband wins the second prize!

I got burnt like a lobster yesterday watching cricket but I did'nt have to wash the communion glasses and we met a really great couple!

I am however, dismayed by one of my work colleagues moron suggestions to have a christmas party at Wild Waters in Boksburg! a. I am not driving to Boksburg b. I am not parading around in my bikini in front of work colleagues! Needless to say I declined their invitation! A nice glass of wine with a good meal sounds far more appelealing to me...

Friday, November 27, 2009

A new house = new beginning

Yesterday, I found out that the bank has approved our home loan!!! Yay... I can finally have a place that i can call my own! I am tired of paying rent to make other people wealthy! Don't get me wrong, I have loved our little place, it's served it's purpose but I am glad to be growing up and onto bigger and better things... I am mostly excited about having space for a dish washer now ;-)

Watch this space because our place will only be built in Jan 2010 and finished in Aug 2010...


Thursday, November 26, 2009


It is only Thursday and just the thought of this weekend is making me exhausted! Tomorrow i am meeitn with my Masters supervisor (vomit) and then I am off to med school for an ethics meeting where I am sure will be disastrous... After a mad dash home, we will be going to Monte to see the second Twilight movie. I feel like a teen again because I am actaully excited to see this movie... Although, it will be the 10pm show, I may be watching it through my eyelids!

Saturday, I have to fight the hords of people in the queue at the bank! I really hate queues... Then we are off to play poker! I have a really bad poker face and I cannot bluff... so here is a clue, when I bet... I have something worth betting for!!!

Sunday is grocery shopping (another vomit) and then proobably having to do my Masters (vomit vomit). Finally, off to church for ushering where what lies in store for me are 350 communion glasses to wash!!!!!

Who wants to swap weekends with me?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alone @ work!

When I realised that I would have to be alone at work today, I conjoured up images of me running like a blue assed fly and headless chicken all in one! But, now that they day has dawned (well, kind of, the sun isn't really out) I realized that it acutally is rather great! I could do what I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted to do it... My crazy day has turned into a day that is quite blissful really. There may even be potential for boredom to kick in! The only problem is that there is currently no water so there is a distinctive smell of sewerage creeping in through the window very unwelcomingly so!

Ont that stinky note... TGIF everyone in bloggyland!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Definitely a weird kitty...

I have always suspected that my cat was a bit off the wall but that is what I love about her! It makes her different, it makes her mine! But todays experience took the cake... Annabelle loves going outside and sitting in the grass and spying on the world beneath her. But in this dreary miserable freezing cold wet weather, I naturall assumed Anni would want to stay indoors all cuddled up (like a normal cat). She was standing by the door howling so to show her the reason why she couldn't go outside, I opened the door expecting her to flatten her ears and run back inside! As I flung the door open, to my disbelief, she bolted outside and SAT IN THE RAIN! She only came in about ten minuted later soaking wet. She loved every minute of her wet expedition... My cat is not only strange but defies all logic!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Things that I learnt this weekend!

In the spirit of this... I felt like sgaring some things that I learnt this weekend:

1. Having a long weekend is never a bad thing
2. Christams really is just around the corner (;-))
3. I love eating salads at Mugg and Bean
4. Having a kitten is just like having a baby
5. Life really is nothing without good friends!
6. I always enjoy a really feel good movie
7. There are such people as convenient friends
8. I learned how to make a proper chicken curry
9. I learned to explore new tastes
10. I really wish I was paid not to go to work...

Ungrateful people

So I chose to work in the government sector because (as cliche as it sounds) I genuinely wanted to help the underpriviledged! Little did I know that underpriviledged = ungrateful! The people with no money are far more pushy and rude than those with the top medical aid who expect only the best! I was thoroughly disillusioned when I came into this... The current cylce: you are the happy therapist - grumpy moaning complaining patient - therapist gets frustrated - patient gets more rude and often lays a compliant - everyone gets thoroughly grumpy - the problem still remains - no more happy therapist! Any suggestions as to how I can break this ridiculous cycle?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New @ this...

OK, so I am definitely not what you would call old or a dog (I hope not at least) but I have learned som new things with this whole blogging thing... So this is me giving it a bash...

New @ this...

Ok, I know I'm not what one would call old but I have definitely leared some new tricks with this blogging thing! So, I'm gonna give it a bash and see how it goes...