Monday, November 16, 2009

Things that I learnt this weekend!

In the spirit of this... I felt like sgaring some things that I learnt this weekend:

1. Having a long weekend is never a bad thing
2. Christams really is just around the corner (;-))
3. I love eating salads at Mugg and Bean
4. Having a kitten is just like having a baby
5. Life really is nothing without good friends!
6. I always enjoy a really feel good movie
7. There are such people as convenient friends
8. I learned how to make a proper chicken curry
9. I learned to explore new tastes
10. I really wish I was paid not to go to work...


  1. Having a kitten is just like having a baby, except it's like having a baby that can run straight up a wall! Lot of fun, kittens, but definitely a lot of work.

    Anyway, the ever lovely Tamara recommended popping by so here I am - welcome to blogging, and hope we see a lot more of you around!

  2. Are you talking about Annabel or do you have another one?!

  3. I am talking about Annabelle! I guess ou could include her brother, Jefferey, that my mom has!

    I am so glad that there are other bloggers who can relate to the joys (and frustrations) of being a mommy to a kitty! I'm sure there will be many blogs to follow about my little 1!