Monday, December 14, 2009


What a crazy crazy week last week! On Tues night Brett was playing action cricket and broke his thumb! He said it wasn't too bad but the next morning it was twice it's original size and blue... So off we go to the doctor who then had to rush him to see a specialist. Luckily, with the help of an OT splint for 8 weeks, he avoided surgery! But now, I have a bit of an inavlid for a husband as he has one less appendage which usually does the basic activities of washing the dishes, driving typing carrying heavy things etc...

On Fri, Brett induldged in a PS3! I am actually loving the games with the amazing graphics as well as being able to watch blurays... it was so worth it! So, despite the broken thumb... he is playing his PS3!

On Saturday, Brett's company took us away for a weekend in the Magaliesberg! Wow, it was so amazing. The food, the scenery, the service... unfortunately the bliss only lasted for less than 24hrs but I guess it was better than nothing! I also had to put up with his boss callig him brettuce lettuce all weekend. And no, the more it goes on... the less I get immune to it, in fact I think the opposite may apply.

But now, I am on leave :-) Happiness is... Phew...

Monday, December 7, 2009

what a weekend!

So I decided to go with the choc mousse for Fri night! It was a disaster making it because I spilt the chocolate, spilt the egg and beat the cream unitl it was butter but as a combination, it was simply divine! Yum!

On Saturday, we atched 2012. It was a movie that I have mixed feelings about... Lots of action and great special effects but a modern day ark? Hm...

On Sunday, on our way home from church we witnessed a car accident. A young girl was T boned by another car. So we stopped and helped! This girl was no more than 19 and terribly shaken up! Thank God she was reasonably ok! The ambulance was grwat but if you call 10111, they take at least 2 min to answer the phone, all thw hile you are forced to liten to circus music, then this grumpy woman answers the call (like you have disturbed her sleep) and syays she will transfer your call. you land up holding on for like another 3 minutes and it ultimately results in your call being disconnected! She was taken to hospital on a stretcher for precautionary measures and the 'drunk' guy who hit her was still arguing with the cops when we left.

Work is starting to get painfully quiet now but a WEEK til I go on leave! Hoorah!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Working on a Fri...

I am sitting in my office watching the clock tick waiting to go home! It is not so great working during this festive season as things start to quieten down A LOT! I would much rather be at home cleaning up and preparing dinner for guests tonight (I know I sound like a houeswife when I say that). I am making a spaghetti bolognaise with a nice salad. I am not sure what I should do as a starter and for pudding my choices are: chocolate coconut pudding, syrup sponge cake or white and dark chocolate mousse. What would you want for dessert?

10 days til I go on leave (including weekends) and coutning!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Award 'speech'

As Tamara has given me a Blog award, I feel that I should now share six random things about myself in gratitude - as it is blogger tradition:
1. I love cooking but wish I was more experimental
2. I am quite emotional (it doesn't take much to make me laugh or cry)
3. I have never been to the Kruger Park (when I was younger than 2 but that doesn't count because I can't remember it).
4. I love Christmas!
5. I wish I was a good enough singer to join a worship band and travel the world!
6. During the week, I enjoy getting to bed early or I am very grumpy the next day at work!

On the Christmas note... I have just 'Christmasified' my office with tinsel and the like! it is getting me into the holiday spirit and it is always good to know that my leave is just around the corner!

I am meeting the new therapists who will be joining me next year! Let's hope they are great and that I love them...

Now... What should I say I want for Christmas? What do you want for Christmas?