Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Award 'speech'

As Tamara has given me a Blog award, I feel that I should now share six random things about myself in gratitude - as it is blogger tradition:
1. I love cooking but wish I was more experimental
2. I am quite emotional (it doesn't take much to make me laugh or cry)
3. I have never been to the Kruger Park (when I was younger than 2 but that doesn't count because I can't remember it).
4. I love Christmas!
5. I wish I was a good enough singer to join a worship band and travel the world!
6. During the week, I enjoy getting to bed early or I am very grumpy the next day at work!

On the Christmas note... I have just 'Christmasified' my office with tinsel and the like! it is getting me into the holiday spirit and it is always good to know that my leave is just around the corner!

I am meeting the new therapists who will be joining me next year! Let's hope they are great and that I love them...

Now... What should I say I want for Christmas? What do you want for Christmas?


  1. Are you going to pass it on? Or post a pic of the award? chick, we need to get together so I can give you a little demo of what you can do with this baby ;-)

    I wish I could see your Christmasy office - sounds fun!

  2. So you just have to come on Fri then so that you can show me all these little tricks then ;-)