Thursday, November 26, 2009


It is only Thursday and just the thought of this weekend is making me exhausted! Tomorrow i am meeitn with my Masters supervisor (vomit) and then I am off to med school for an ethics meeting where I am sure will be disastrous... After a mad dash home, we will be going to Monte to see the second Twilight movie. I feel like a teen again because I am actaully excited to see this movie... Although, it will be the 10pm show, I may be watching it through my eyelids!

Saturday, I have to fight the hords of people in the queue at the bank! I really hate queues... Then we are off to play poker! I have a really bad poker face and I cannot bluff... so here is a clue, when I bet... I have something worth betting for!!!

Sunday is grocery shopping (another vomit) and then proobably having to do my Masters (vomit vomit). Finally, off to church for ushering where what lies in store for me are 350 communion glasses to wash!!!!!

Who wants to swap weekends with me?


  1. So how was New Moon?

    I'll swap your bank queue for my six-hour drive to Durbs and the six-hour drive back.

  2. Ooo... I love bargains! Give me the weekend in KZN any day!Despite the fact that heavy lifting may be required!

    I will let you know how New Moon is tonight, eventhough I may not actually be watching it as my eyes may be closed! 10pm is cutting it very close to my bedtime ;-)

    If I see you on Sunday, please bring cream as I have a feeling my hands will be very dry after the dishes! He he...

    Enjoy your weekend...