Monday, November 16, 2009

Ungrateful people

So I chose to work in the government sector because (as cliche as it sounds) I genuinely wanted to help the underpriviledged! Little did I know that underpriviledged = ungrateful! The people with no money are far more pushy and rude than those with the top medical aid who expect only the best! I was thoroughly disillusioned when I came into this... The current cylce: you are the happy therapist - grumpy moaning complaining patient - therapist gets frustrated - patient gets more rude and often lays a compliant - everyone gets thoroughly grumpy - the problem still remains - no more happy therapist! Any suggestions as to how I can break this ridiculous cycle?

1 comment:

  1. Shoot the patients. Then they can't complain anymore. Or be rude.


    Maybe that's why most people who work in the government sector are rude to clients / patients ;-) My solution is usually to suck it up and then vent about it on my blog!