Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Definitely a weird kitty...

I have always suspected that my cat was a bit off the wall but that is what I love about her! It makes her different, it makes her mine! But todays experience took the cake... Annabelle loves going outside and sitting in the grass and spying on the world beneath her. But in this dreary miserable freezing cold wet weather, I naturall assumed Anni would want to stay indoors all cuddled up (like a normal cat). She was standing by the door howling so to show her the reason why she couldn't go outside, I opened the door expecting her to flatten her ears and run back inside! As I flung the door open, to my disbelief, she bolted outside and SAT IN THE RAIN! She only came in about ten minuted later soaking wet. She loved every minute of her wet expedition... My cat is not only strange but defies all logic!

1 comment:

  1. Bwahahaha... mad cat ;-)

    But they all have their own little weirdnesses. My Sapphire, for instance, sits outside the shower waiting for me to finish every morning, and as soon as I sit down anywhere, she jumps on my lap for a cuddle, despite the fact that I'm soaking wet and in a hurry. Marble, on the other hand, will never sleep on the bed with us, but gets really annoyed if we don't come and sit on the couch for a bit every night, with a blanket in between us for him to sleep on. I had to forcefully remove him from his spot for life group last night.

    Gotta love cats for their (quirky) personalities ;-)