Monday, January 11, 2010

New year but hopefully not the same old stuff...

So, it has been a good month since I lasted blogged but I was in some serious need of some good R'n R! I guess that means no emails or computers... The holidays were great, spending Christmas with the lions and elephants was something very special. It was great spending some quality time with good friends and family!

All seems to be back to normal... But let's cross fingers that this year can only be better than last year!

Things I learned that can be improve on for 2010:
1. Being a good boss does not mean being a good friend
2. Eat healthily and start walking!
3. Let the bad comments just slide off your back...
4. Try not kill your Masters supervisor(s)
5. Relax!

I will have to let you know how this goes... fingers crossed!


  1. Good goals, lady. At leats you can cross your fingers. Unlike Brettuce Lettuce at the mo ;-)

  2. Ha ha ha!!! Thanks for the laugh... I needed it! But his finger is getting better! Nearly back to normal...